💡 Personal tips

  1. Make a test call during 30 minutes and get the phone numbers or email of participants in order to fix problems if needed
  2. Use a redirection link for the calls, so that you can change tool last minute if needed
  3. Miro works the best, but mural is cheaper
  4. Skype Business or Zoom work well, Whereby doesn't work for everyone
  5. Zoom breakout rooms feature is really cool
  6. Make people read stuff before workshop?
  7. In zoom breakout rooms: Come and shout: hellllooo group XXX, so I see... any questions?
  8. Give names to groups

ℹ️ Guides for remote workshops


A guide to facilitating remote workshops and virtual meetings | SessionLab

Remote workshops: Collaboration done virtually - The Logbook

The Definitive Guide To Facilitating Remote Workshops (V1.1).pdf

The Definitive Guide To Facilitating Remote Workshops (V1.1).pdf